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Province of Rwanda Tchad: Kabuga Community

P eventTuesday, 05 March 2024


Inspired Hospitality

In the Old Testament hospitality became source of blessings for Abraham (Gn18,1-15). (Leviticus 19,33) urges the people of God to not mistreat foreigners who resides among them on their land. (1Petre4, 9) advices christians to offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Pope Francis in his encyclique Fratelli Tuti urges Christians and the whole world to welcome strangers without expecting a return (Fratelli Tuti number 139). Our Rule of life (number 59) states that the joy of living together for God leads the sisters to be hospitable. They warmly welcome those who come, and share simply what makes up their life.  In the bible, hospitality is a genuine way to show love, to strangers and to the poor. In the Assumption hospitality results from a community life lived around Jesus who calls sisters to abide with him and live from charity which is a gift he offers to them.

Centre National d’Education Transformatrice (CENETRA)

CENETRA is an Assumption hospitality and education center located at Kabuga in GASABO district which historically is believed to be the starting point of Rwanda.  Kabuga community is intrusted with the mission to welcome groups and individuals in need of a quiet place where to work, rest, pray, and those interested in the service of restauration willing to pay.

CENETRA open to all

CENETRA is open to all without distinction and most of groups that join us are young people sponsored by the government of Rwanda and or other organisations having in their responsibility the development or young people in the country. These young people are trained by experts in diverse domains to empower them with skills allowing using their personal talents for their financial and economic development and that of Rwandan society. “CENETRA is our home we eat well, sleep sound and work in a very flexible and caring environment” Trainees say. The hospitality we offer allows trainings in a very conducive environment. CENETRA also welcomes other groups coming for meetings, and celebrations. CENETRA welcomes special groups of young people being formed by the community in business skills, leadership skills, and those who come for internship to get enough practical skills in hospitality. All of the above groups find CENETRA to be home where peace and family spirit reside.

The management is done in a family spirit where staff and managing team join hands to serve guests. The community is always cautious however, to maintain a balance between the times and places necessary for its privacy and the rhythm and space needed for the simple cordial hospitality we offers.(Rule of Life 59)