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Province of Central Africa: Community of Bafoussam

P eventWednesday, 07 June 2023

Perched on the hill of hope, the community of Bafoussam comes to share with you some news at the beginning of the school year 2021 - 2022.

On the social front, the city of Bafoussam hosts a large part of the population of displaced people from the English-speaking areas of the North West and South West of the country, following the crisis. This crisis has weakened families whose members feel like refugees in their own country. Nevertheless, it has given rise to a surge of charity and solidarity in the families that are hosting them. This frontier situation calls on French speakers to get to work to learn English and vice versa.

On the religious front, the episcopal see of the diocese has been vacant for some months; we have a diocesan administrator in the person of Monsignor Maurice FOLONG, our former vicar general. We continue to pray that the Lord will give us a pastor according to his heart.

At the level of the community, we are complete since September 22 with the arrival of Sister Bibiane and Rachel.

The school year started on Monday, October 6, when the students enthusiastically started school again. Classes were held from the first day of the new school year to the joy of many parents who braved the many difficulties to enrol their children in our school. We had three quarters of our pupils at the start of the school year. However, some parents were anxious about the demands of their responsibilities at the start of a new school year.

On October 5th we celebrated with joy the International Teacher's Day under the amazed eyes of our students.

CPA educational team

The Collège Polyvalent Assomption has been recognized and congratulated for the work it has done and has been awarded the prize for excellence of the best school in the Mifi. On the photo opposite, we have in the centre, the departmental delegate who came to encourage and congratulate the ten best students of the school by offering them symbolic gifts (notebooks).

Last Wednesday, we closed the phase of the general assemblies of the parents of the pupils which we organised in three stages because of the narrowness of our large room. Because it can no longer hold all the pupils and parents. In wishing you a good and fruitful school year, we entrust to your prayers the socio-political situation of our country in general and of the North West and South West regions in particular.

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