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Region of Central Africa: School outing

R eventWednesday, 17 July 2024


Transformative education is not just in the classroom or at school. "School on the way out" also remains a possibility for the humanization of young people. At Lycée Mpiko in Kinshasa, among the extracurricular activity groups, there is one called "friends of the poor". During the Lenten season, the students who are part of this group mobilize other young people for a sharing in favor of the poor.  The students bring rice, sugar, soap, flour... They sometimes deprive themselves of their pocket money to buy what they will share. The friends of the poor collect all these basic necessities and bring them to centers run by Mother Teresa's sisters that house orphans, the mentally ill, people with disabilities, most of whom are rejected by society.

Beyond sharing and sacrifice, it is a real encounter that takes place between these young people and the poor. They say that they are not the same after these visits, their way of considering these poor people changes. A high school student said, "while I was afraid of them, I told myself that they are not like us, but I discover that they are our brothers, our sisters, People like us with enormous difficulties”. Another added: "On the evening of April 8, we brought them joy in their life. Christ rose for them too, by our presence. A final adds, "it was they who gave us the joy of Easter, Christ made himself poor to enrich us with his poverty".

With this meeting, students learn to take care of little one, so a "human village" can happen.