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Province of Rwanda - Chad: L-cnda for a transformative education

P eventThursday, 29 February 2024


Like a mustard seed, the transformative education sown at the Lycée-Collège Notre Dame de l'Assomption is bearing fruit. In its early days, the college trained excellent graduates for other Catholic and non-Catholic establishments in the city of N'Djaména and elsewhere to complete their schooling, since it did not yet have the classrooms to house the second cycle. The echoes that reached us were all the more encouraging. Many of these good seeds have been present in all sectors of working life for several years.

During the 2016-2017 school year, Collège Notre Dame de l'Assomption, now a high school, had the privilege of nurturing its mustard seeds to maturity, in other words, to the baccalauréat. Like a clap of hands, the Lycée-Collège Notre Dame de l'Assomption is preparing to produce its fourth class of baccalaureate graduates with results that tend towards perfection; something to rejoice about. Like a good mother, the school remains in constant contact with its former students. Having received an integral education, they have very few difficulties in entering the world of the university. This confirms the words of St. Marie Eugenie, founder of the Congregation of the Religious of the Assumption: "the aim of education is to prepare a child for all the duties of life”. Far from being mere boasting, we can say without any mistake that the L-CNDA remains a reference point for the schooling of girls in this country. We hope that the entire administration, the entire teaching staff, all the parents, all the support staff, not forgetting the external partners and the students themselves will stand together for the success of Chadian women.

To be more concrete, let's listen to two of the L-CNDA alumni:

My name is Lapeubé Fayaba Bénédicte, I am a student of the 11th promotion of the Collège Notre Dame de l'Assomption and of the 1st promotion of the Lycée-Collège Notre Dame de l'Assomption. After obtaining my baccalaureate G1 with honours, I took the entrance test to Cefod's university institute, the Cefod Business School (CBS), which I passed. I am currently in my 3rd year of the "Law and Legal Careers" programme. From an academic and pedagogical point of view, this institute is a logical continuation of the L-CNDA. Like the LCNDA, the CBS offers each student the opportunity to join a club to boost his or her extra-academic abilities. For the CBS, "it is our attitude and not our ability that must prove our altitude". I was very happy when I was contacted to share my experience, however small, through these lines. As we grow we learn and understand more. I thank the JELCNDA for this honour.

Fabiola Sotinan, student at UCL.

My name is Fabiola Sotinan, student of the twelfth promotion of the college and of the second promotion of the Lycée-Collège Notre Dame de l'Assomption. I am currently in my second year of political and legal sciences at the Université Saint Charles Lwanga (U.C.L.) located in Sarh, the capital of the Moyen Chari province. His vision is to form "all people and the whole person"; to form each one in their entirety to transform them into a servant leader, honest, humble, disciplined, assiduous and persevering, capable of self-control; you will find yourself very similar to the Assumption education. This is the place to say loud and clear that UCL is my aunt but L-CNDA remains my mother because I feel like I am still in the same house. Indeed, the atmosphere of discipline, the rigour in the work, the educational projects, the organised trainings, the class outings, the shared joy, the solidarity, the taste of knowledge and learning of the students make me less nostalgic for the LCNDA.

To finish this sharing, let us listen again to these words of Saint Marie Eugénie

"It is obviously, my dear daughters, to prepare a child for all the duties of life.


Taken from the JELCNDA (Journal des Elèves du Lycée-Collège Notre Dame de l'Assomption)


(1) Advice on education given by Mother Marie-Eugénie de Jésus, in 1842, to the first Religious of the Assumption n° 1511