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Province of East Africa: At the service of life

P eventWednesday, 07 June 2023

We the Singida Town community have really lived the experience of receiving and sharing. It is in giving through listening to those who are in need that we came to understand the needs of the people around us. People experience physical, spiritual, economic challenges in life.

Faraja (a Kiswahili word which means, consolation) Centre Community Based Health Care, is a solution of all these challenges whereby, one of the apostolates is the collaboration with the Sisters of Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) in this Centre. So far, the centre does a lot concerning helping people physically, that is offering services such as; palliative care for terminal ill persons who need support. They offer them counseling services and voluntary testing HIV/ AIDS to treat psychological problems as well as spiritual for those who need to reconcile with their Creator.

They also deal with human trafficking issues that have become a threat in our region and that has traumatized and killed a number of young people including children. The centre support people through educating them how to avoid, how to discover the perpetrators because a number of the perpetrators are close relatives and some are members of our families. They offer support to those who have been caught in and try to re-built their personality.  They take time to visit the sick at home and offer them their needs such as medicine e. g morphine for cancer patients under chemotherapy, diapers, soap, food etc. They also support orphan and poor children by sending them to school to continue with education. Therefore Faraja centre is a source of consolation to the suffering world.

We as RA find a place to share our charism, in the social training center, work together by collaborating with our workers in providing services to groups and listening to the people who come to the centre. Our workers have discovered that they can do more in their homes from their experience in working at the centre. For example, having small vegetable garden and making cookies that they sell and therefore sustain their families.

The Youth camp of the Diocese takes place at the centre. This is an opportunity for the youth from all the parishes in the diocese meet and share; their talents, future plans and learn and improve different skills. The sisters with the passion of young people participate in the empowerment of the youth by being with them or giving sessions.

As the Religious of the Assumption, we do our best to help sustain the human life in every way possible for the quality of life to be improved.


From: Singida Town Community