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Province of Ecuador-Mexico: Mary, the Mother of Jesus is present in their journey of faith.

P eventThursday, 29 February 2024

During the month of May, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, there are many celebrations in her honor and our Assumption schools in Mexico are no exception. The crowning of Mary is done in a very particular way: the students graduating from high school in Aguilas and Querétaro are responsible for doing this, while in the Maria Eugenia Milleret School in CDMX, those who finish sixth grade do it.

We share the experience of one of the students who did the crowning this year at the Colegio de Querétaro.

"My name is Emiliano López. I am in my sixth semester of high school and since 2007 I have been a member of this great school where I have had great experiences.

Since I was a child, I have gone through a great journey with Mary and even more since my parents taught me more about her. Since then I have always been faithful to her.

Mary is one of the main and biggest pillars in my family. She has always accompanied me in the bad moments. when I fall, she is always there to support me and pick me up and help me keep going and never give up.

Of course, also in the good times like the times I have gone on missions with my school friends or when we go on the yearly pilgrimage that I make with my dad and other people by bicycle to Mexico City, to the Basilica of Guadalupe, where she dwells. We visit her there and thank her for all the good things she does for us and with that I can know that she chose me to follow her good path.

When they announced that some of us could have the opportunity to crown the Virgin, I did not hesitate to write my letter and explain how grateful I am to her. We presented it to our classmates and teachers so that they could vote for two of us to be chosen as the ones to crown Mary. It took a few days for them to announce who would be chosen, so the nervousness and excitement was not leaving me.

When the day arrived, they called a classmate and me and the teachers announced that we were the chosen ones, so the joy ran through our whole body and we were very excited. We were looking forward to the coronation day.

When the moment arrived, I felt a great sense of protection that I will always carry in my heart, because now that I am leaving the school, I know that here I was taught to follow the path of God and Mary, giving of myself the little and much that I am and have.

Mary has done so much for me, that now I want to do something for her and what better experience than to have crowned her as the last act of thanksgiving within this school. I will always feel honored to have been chosen".

We share some photos of that experience in this link.