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Province of Ecuador: Together we listen, we journey and we transform

P eventThursday, 22 February 2024

The School of the Assumption in Guayaquil opened its doors and the emptiness caused by the pandemic was left behind. We had such a powerful dream, to meet and embrace each other again, that it came true. Today the corridors, patios, laboratories and classrooms are filled with the presence of students, teachers, maintenance staff, mothers and fathers.

It is evident that the beginning of the school year would highlight all that we had been carrying throughout this time of pandemic for our students, their families and even each one of us who work in the “Unidad Educativa Particular de La Asunción”. Faced with this reality, there are certainties that emerge and sprout from pedagogical conversations.

This return to the classroom cannot be possible if we do not do it together, that is why this year's motto is "Together we listen, we journey and we transform".

During the beginning of this school year, we are being given the certainty that life is the great opportunity to move on, that there is no greater joy than the simple encounter and the joy of sharing. Each place becomes the best excuse to challenge ourselves to go the extra mile. We are going through a significant experience of availability and good spirit between us. We also recognize that we are growing on the holistic level and that our senses are being sharpened to give us the time to welcome each other and to know that we are an ASSUMPTION family.

But each step taken also sheds light on us and we recognize that "we carry this treasure in earthen vessels" and that today the reality of our students challenges us.

After the virtual, the need for closeness is evident, being a constant call to be present in the here and now in order to accompany our students at every step and stage of their lives. There is an urgent need to support each one of our students spiritually and emotionally. It is important to prioritize and give impetus to the proposed curriculum, in order to gradually recover the rhythm of delving deeper into things and of study using our philosophy and methodology. Today our vocation as teachers calls us to remain in community to join forces and overcome our weaknesses.

“TOGETHER WE LISTEN, WE JOURNEY AND WE TRANSFORM” can only be understood and lived in community. Each day that passes we affirm that life in the school is necessary, that it is the right community in which to learn to serve and share with others, to heal the emptiness, to learn to live in fullness. It is in community that we evangelize ourselves and where God always passes by so as to transform us into the human face of God