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Province of India: Joy of responding to the call of Jesus

P eventMonday, 27 May 2024

By Sr. Urmila Dungdung

I am very glad to share my experience of the day of my first profession. It was a joy for me to respond to the call of Jesus to religious life even in my younger days. I am grateful to God for accompanying me and holding my hands throughout my life journey, though at times I was unable to see and unable to feel the presence of the Lord, yet He never left me. Sometimes difficulties, hardship and loneliness came, but I could come out by the grace of God. In my life I experienced the Motherly love from dear mother Mary. I felt she was always with me and praying for me.

When I look back to my life I see the wonders of the Lord. I am happy to count the blessing of the lord. I have said ‘YES’ to the lord and to the church and to his people. It is a call or invitation for me to be faithful and joyful in my religious life and to become a life-giving person for others and to be more responsible in my religious life.

On 8th April 2024, I pronounced my Vows in my Province, the province of India. It was a great day for me, and I experienced the unconditional love of Jesus and I felt ready to commit myself. So, in the presence of many sisters provincial team and my family, I took this step to follow Jesus and pronounced the Vows.

My Mystery is JESUS THE GOOD SHEPHERD. For me, Jesus is my Good Shepherd who cares, protects and leads me in his path. He never separates me from Him. The shepherd love, comforts me and strengthen me and enables me to dedicate my life for Him. LORD JESUS you are my guide.

I am happy in Assumption and to be a daughter of St. Marie Eugenie. I follow her footsteps and I will work for the Kingdom of GOD. I find the Spirit of Assumption a great source of inspiration for me. I treasure its deep prayer life, joy of living in community and the apostolic zeal.

Once again, I am grateful to GOD and the congregation for this call to live as a member of the family of Assumption.