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Province of Madagascar: The celebration of the 10th March 2023 in the community Victoire Rasoamanarivo Tsiazotafo Tananarive

P eventThursday, 28 September 2023

On the day of the 10th of March, we had Mass presided over by Father Denis A.A in the community.  On Sunday, March 12, we celebrated this feast in the courtyard of the community, with all the Assumption Family present in Antananarivo, namely: The Religious of the Assumption, the Augustinians of the Assumption and the Orantes of the Assumption, as well as the Assumption Together. We also invited some guests who all came.

 This celebration was for us a time of sharing talents, of joy in living together with what surrounds us. On the one hand, it was a time to share with the people the history of our foundress and that of the Congregation in which the spirit of Marie Eugénie was underlined for the foundation of the Congregation and the Works to which the Sisters are committed.  On the other hand, our Charism and Spirituality were also explained.  All this was done by Sr. Antoinette Superior of the community before the celebration of the Eucharist. The liturgy was celebrated in several languages (French, Spanish and Malagasy).

At the end of the Mass, we shared the prayer of Marie Eugénie. Afterwards, we shared the meal with the guests and danced during the feast. This celebration consolidates our relationship with the Assumption Together laity and that of the Religious Union in our Parish.

It was a great joy for us.