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Province of Spain: Prayer for the inhabitants of La Palma

P eventMonday, 17 June 2024

The eruption of the volcano on La Palma last October 8 has been the event that united in prayer all the Colleges and Insertions of the Province of Spain.

All those who wanted, shared a banana, a fruit that is produced in abundance on the island, as a sign of closeness and solidarity.

Those who are suffering the consequences of the forces of nature in these lands were remembered by each of the persons who are working both for the safety of human lives and in the welcome centers, distributing food and clothing.

In this way the Assumption has joined all the prayer initiatives that have come up throughout Spain.



The bowels of the earth remind us that we live on a planet that is alive, in continuous change.

The inhabitants of La Palma affected by the eruption are in our thoughts and in our hearts.

Witnessing how everything we possess suddenly disappears without possibility of recovery, how the landscape is transformed or how dreams are obscured makes us more empathetic than ever. Today it is them, but in reality, it is us. We are all shattered by pain. Life puts us in a predicament, and yet reveals us as human beings. It enlivens our solidarity and unites us in prayer.

Today we want to ask you, Father:

For those lives shattered by the present reality: envelope them in your loving hands.

For the tears they shed: console them in their pain.

For the uncertainty that haunts the inhabitants of an island in destruction: accompany them as they take the path to reconstruct their lives.

May optimism, hope and joy find a path through the ashes. May the lava become the material that founds and comforts their hearts and may the air return to them as particles charged with love.

Fill their hands with the desire to move forward, with consolation, with the awareness that you are always with us. There is no loneliness for the one who believes in you, sweeten the necessary grieving, so that together the desolation may be less.

May St. Marie Eugenie be with us. Let us remember that the earth is a place of glory for God, a place with much life and that it is in our hands that our survival depends.


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