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Province of Central Africa: Handover and Installation Ceremony of Sr Delphine and her Councillors

P eventWednesday, 17 April 2024

Saturday 15 October 2022 was marked by the handover ceremony between the outgoing Regional Sister Astrid and the incoming Regional Sister Delphine, followed by the installation of the new Regional Council.

The celebration began at 11am in the chapel of the Yaoundé community. It began with the monition, and continued with the handing over and installation of the new Regional Sr Delphine Barmi.

 The outgoing Regional, Sr Astrid, read the Note of Appointment which proposed three key facets for the installation of Sr Delphine in her new role:  listening to her sisters; presenting to the Lord the situation of the Region and of each of the sisters; and finally offering herself to the Lord and then looking at the world with the eyes of God. She then received the Word of God as a source of inspiration and daily nourishment, the Rule of Life as a source of identity, the list of young sisters, those in formation and finally the torch of Christ's love for the Region.

After this phase, the sisters took turns to make Obedience, followed by the welcoming and installation of the Councillors (Sr Solange Immaculate, Sr Bibiane Marie and Sr Marie Solange). After this phase we followed in turn the words of the young people in formation, the words of the young sisters and those of the community superiors.

At 12.15 pm, we began the Mass of thanksgiving presided over by Bishop Emmanuel Dassi Youfang. We can remember that it was a thanksgiving first of all for Sr Astrid for the service rendered at the head of the Region during the past six years, and also a thanksgiving for the yes of Sr Delphine.

Overall we can retain from the homily that it is a mark of trust and a great responsibility, in everything it will be necessary to do the will of God. This will of God is expressed by listening, by discerning in order to guide. In order to accomplish this will of God, there are three basic principles:

- The will of God is to seek sanctification because consecrated life was born to be a permanent sign. In everything she must seek her own personal sanctification and that of the community;

- The will of God is to love God with all our heart, strength and soul and to love our brothers and sisters, beginning with those closest to us;

- God's will is that all be one.

Afterwards we had a little family sharing before parting.


Marcelline Djuikouo,

Friend of the Assumption.