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G eventWednesday, 17 July 2024

This little video is the result of a partnership between the Assumption Center of Worcester, Massachusetts, USA and a group of students at Holy Cross College, the Jesuit university in Worcester.   The film-makers were part of a Spanish language course taught by Professor Bridget Franco. (Look for the tree swing with the words “Franco Productions” as the film begins.)

For their final project Professor Franco challenges the students to collaborate in making a film about some aspect of a local not-for-profit organization that is concerned with Latino residents of the city.  For us in Worcester, this means our Assumption Center, which has already been featured in #Assumpta, most recently in November, with Tori Borusso’s essay.

In this little film, which has Spanish language captions, you’ll see Tori at work with the Girls with Dreams, a group of young teens who gather each week at the Center for fun, homework and learning new skills.  GWD offers affirmation of their worth as young women through building relationships with each other and with slightly older women – college students and, of course, Tori, our AMA volunteer of 2021-22.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!