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Sr Sara's experience, Province of India

S eventWednesday, 07 June 2023




Having completed 25 years of enthusiastic life in the Congregation of the Religious of the Assumption, on 8th September 2022, I felt I was standing on the shore, discerning, pondering, contemplating and speculating what I have done with my life, how meaningfully have I spent? How my life had an impact on others’ lives positively and what are my dreams for the future? In such turbulence, I suddenly arrived at a peaceful sense of reassuring divine whispering – “I AM WITH YOU.” In challenging times, God was with me and all of you sisters.  All of you have accompanied me for which I remain enormously grateful.

As part of the jubilee year, I was given the privilege to attend a renewal course on “Personal growth and Renewal for Mission” at Ishwani Kendra, Pune from 7th January to 4th March 2023. Journeying with 22 other participants belonging to different religious congregations of sisters, fathers and diocesan priests, this course helped me to go back to the sources of my life, my family, Congregation and mission.  It was a clarion wakeup call to set up. Multiple sessions, engaging group discussions, formal and informal sharings encouraged me to dream and hope again for the future.

Personally this course helped me to humble enough and to look forward with a renewed vision. I am convinced that I am uniquely chosen, equipped and consecrated for a mission to bring glory to God by utilizing many God given inner resources within me. ‘May the Lord who began good work in me bring it to completion’ (Phil 1:6) This is the most important lesson I learnt – deeds of kindness and solidarity make our life worthwhile. With humanness and interdependence, I see my imperfections and greatest flaws as stepping stones for my greatest gifts. This discovery has opened doors for me to deepen my relationship with Jesus and become more relatable, joyful, optimistic, open-minded and altruistic.

The stories of courage and resilience which I heard from others contributed me to be consistent in my prayer life and made me feel that I am needed in the empowering mission. The rich charism of our foundress St Marie Eugenie, transformation of every individual through formal and non-formal education became more alive and a reality to my life. I desire to passionately involve in education, formation, animation and accompaniment by respecting, accepting, forgiving and enriching everyone especially those on the peripheries. I realize that religious life is beautiful and I have to live it tenderly and joyfully. As a woman, I channelize all my energies through my fruitful ministry of service to others and my community members wherever I am. I believe that Jesus who walked on the shore will continue to walk with me till the end of my life.