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The Corona virus and 7 Invitations for a Better World

T eventThursday, 24 September 2020

Sister Rekha Chennattu, RA – Superior General, Religious of the Assumption, France

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The Covid-19 pandemic has gripped the entire world in fear and uncertainty. It has been a totally new experience for all of us as none of us has lived through a time when much of our world has been brought to a standstill. I personally cannot believe how the entire world, that is more than seven billion people, changed within a few days and started to observe social distancing, to use face masks, and to get used to working from home, participating in online lectures, zoom conferences, and virtual liturgies.The pandemic has changed some key dynamics in the Church. It has never happened during our life-time that we have been asked to remain at home during the liturgies of Holy Week. We have been in a liturgical lockdown for several weeks.

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