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The covid 19 pandemic and “Assumption Together” from the Central Africa Region: case of Cameroon

T eventWednesday, 14 April 2021

Now as 2019 comes to its end, a pandemic has spread from China to Central Africa.

Nothing seems to stop the new corona virus, main vector of covid 19. Governments in panic have taken up measures to contain the pandemic’s spread. Masks are made mandatory, social distancing and hygiene and biosafety regulations are enforced.Within a short period of time, contagions are reported everywhere.

The health authorities establish isolated care centres to which patients are transferred and quarantined. The inadequacy between the available sanitary means (screening and care) and the escalating disease generates panic. The patients desert the hospitals to go home to their families, where they use conventional self-medication associated with natural medicine. The media steps in; so much information and fake news.

Economic activity is reduced to the production of basic goods and services during the peak of the crisis. Companies reduce the workforce, put people on lay-off or shut down. There are no new initiatives or investments.

Social life is disturbed, churches are closed. Gatherings of more than 50 people are forbidden. Funerals, dances and celebrations have to wait.

People or communities are confined to their homes due to fear of contracting the disease. Media awareness does not discourage everyone; some sceptics believe that covid 19 is not real.

As a result of the lockdown, Assumption Together has suspended meetings. We try and catch up on the news by telephone. A forum has been created but not all members are connected; we are mutually encouraging each other. Sr. Rekha’s message of support was well received and very much appreciated.

Covid 19 raises, some new questions.

Isn’t living in a global village a risk for humanity? Will the brotherhood-proximity, the common joy of popular gatherings, the African community meals not be lost with the sanitary crisis? The whole culture is threatened!The risk of under schooling.

Classrooms are needed to maintain the number of 50 pupils as well as the number of teachers. Will sustainable development objectives be achieved with the emergence of this crisis? Are we expecting a new pandemic or a worsening of the current one given the geopolitical stakes? How will the continuous wearing of masks with approximate hygiene measures affect the situation? How can we live the sacraments in the Church fully in this time of covid?

Covid 19 is forcing us to adopt new behaviors:

- Hygiene and biosecurity ;

- e-learning, video conference;

- Reconsideration of the traditional pharmacopoeia and openness to research. Many independent researchers have published their research on medicinal plants.

- The Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Douala Cameroon Monsignor Kelda found a potion useful to treat covid and many other diseases which is available free of charge in Catholic health centers. The mortality rate of people suffering from Covid 19 in Cameroon is one of the lowest in the world according to the Cameroon Academy of Sciences, supervised by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation.

Our dream would be to have a fairer world where interpersonal relationships are focused on the welfare of all. Nations as well as individuals adhere to the vow of St. Marie Eugénie who wished to make the earth a place of glory for God.



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