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The final vows-24th October 2020 Moshi Tanzania

T eventThursday, 19 May 2022

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Watch pictures of the vigil and celebration


The celebration started with the night vigil on 23rd October 2020 at 8.30 pm. Our sisters, Elizabeth Eugenia, Beatrice Maria, Peris Eugenia, and Mary Emmanuel were surrounded by the sisters, their parents, and many visitors who had arrived for the celebration of the following day.

The choices of the sisters’ readings were; Jer. 1:4-10, 18-19, Psalm 116, Canticle. Isaiah 61:10-62:5 and the Gospel of John, 15:1-8. For the Second Reading, the sisters shared their vocation and faith story with a symbol that marked their story.

  • Elizabeth Eugenia: A lighted candle was her symbol. A candle gives light and scatters the darkness and she continues to desire to imitate Jesus Christ who she has experienced as the true Light in her life. The Light that has guided her throughout her years of formation, and desires to be the same to others. A lit candle has to melt a sign of letting go and allowing the true Light to continue shinning and giving light to others. She ended her sharing by saying, “Jesus Christ has to increase and I have to decrease.”
  • Beatrice Maria: She has gone through a journey of self-discovery by reflecting on a flowing river. A river has its origin (God and her parents), tributaries ( her teachers, relatives, schoolmates, friends…) who added the volume of water to the river, there were moments of smooth flow (when she attended the adoration hour in her Parish) and moments when the river faced obstacles of blocks (when she was not sure of her vocation) and finally the river strives towards the great ocean which is its destination. Sr. Beatrice ended with the words of St. Augustine, “Our hearts are made for you Lord and they are restless until they rest in you.”Whether we are aware of it or not, whether you will make it or not, you are moving towards the great ocean, God.
  • Peris Eugenia: She has experienced God as the Potter and she as the clay, thus had a pot as her symbol. A pot goes through a process. The potter makes the choice of clay, removes all the dirty particles from the clay water is mixed with the clay and molding takes place, broken by the potter when the desired pattern fails and is even passed through fire to make it strong. She has lived all that, and the different experiences were opportunities for her spiritual growth whether joyful or painful, even when she understood it or was in doubt. God has been molding her gradually into a useful instrument of His love for his people. By remaining in God’s hands she believes that she will continue to discover His will in her life as she now starts to write a new story on a new page as formation does not end with the process of final vows, but a beginning of a new stage.
  • Mary Emmanuel: She had a traditional calabash known as “dahwa”. It is removed from its original plant (her parents) so as to be useful (religious formation) In her culture the calabash (dahwa)   has two main functions; when it is empty, it is a decoration but when filled with flour or grains like millet or sorghum, used as food and which gives life to the people. The calabash goes through a process; carefully removing all the inner stuff to create space for food,   putting it under the sun to change the color from white to brown, and using a hot rod to make beautiful designs on the calabash. Her different stages of formation in and outside the Province have enabled her to make her choice of belonging totally to the Congregation and God.



On the morning  of 24th October, 2020, at 10.00am there was a procession led by the choir, the religious, priests and the Archbishop. The sisters had chosen the following readings;

First Reading: Jer. 1:4-10, 18-19

Second Reading: Rom. 12:1-2, 12-17

Gospel: Jn. 15:1-8

During the homily, Archbishop Isaac Amani of the Catholic Diocese of Arusha thanked the parents for forming and supporting their daughters in their religious vocation, thanked the sisters for their courageous choice to serve the congregation and the Church, he also stressed faithfulness in both religious and married life.

After the homily followed the important moments of pronouncing the life commitment and signing of the vows, putting on the ring (by the Archbishop), and the parents congratulating their daughters. Before the final blessing the Archbishop awarded the sisters with Papal blessings certificate.

Various photos with the final professed sisters were taken; with the Archbishop and the priests, with parents and the r.a sisters.



After taking the photos, all were invited to share a delicious meal together. Speeches from our Provincial Superior, Sr. Honorata, the Chaplain, the professed sisters, one of the parents, and the Archbishop were given. The gifts given included the cultural dress code of the Kikuyu ( Srs Elizabeth Eugenia, Beatrice Maria, Peris Eugenia) and Nature (Mary Emmanuel).