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The joy of Indian Province

T eventFriday, 08 December 2023

December 8, the church celebrated the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary, our mother; the day we celebrate the innocence and purity, the day we celebrate the holiness of our mother whose whole life was a constant “YES” to the will of God. As we rejoice in celebrating our Mother Mary, the province of India had its joy doubled as her daughter Sr. Ansuli Narzari said “YES” to the call of God by pronouncing her perpetual vows.

It is a day of great joy and rejoicing in the congregation when a sister pronounces her perpetual vows. We the Indian province had this great joy of Sr. Ansuli Narzari pronouncing her perpetual vows. We had a solemn Eucharistic celebration celebrated by the parish priest Rev. Fr. Michal Bensade SDB. Many priests, religious, Assumption Together members, parishioners and Sr. Ansuli’s family members were present for this occasion. The Holy Mass began with entrance dance by our candidates and postulants and novice. For the solemn Mass, as part of Indian culture the ARRATI was done by three of the postulants. After the celebration of the Holy Mass we had the fellowship meal together. Since the CPP was planned on the next day, superiors of the all the communities were present for this occasion.  We had a good celebration on this important day in the life of Sr. Ansuli and the Indian province.

For Sr. Ansuli, it was a day of great joy and happiness as her dream to follow Christ in the congregation of the Assumption is fulfilled. She has chosen the word “I thirst” We join with Sr. Ansuli in thanking God for the gift of vocation that she has received and for our own vocations to the Religious of the Assumption.

Sr. Ansuli Narzari shares her experience below:

“My soul glorifies the Lord”.

“Today my heart is rejoicing with the Lord and with the people of God in the church with lots of joy, peace and love surrounded by my sisters, priests, family members, teachers and friends. Today I felt I am very special because, before the Almighty God and His people, I entered into a loving covenant with the Lord forever to give fully and totally for His mission. I am now fully His servant. I am very grateful to God the Almighty for His unconditional love and accompaniment throughout the journey in my ups and downs to reach today’s great day of my final profession. I am also grateful to all my sisters for their prayer, love, care and support to fulfill my total yes to God. I am really very happy today for everything went well by the grace of God. Everything was well prepared by all our sisters. I felt like I am in my own native place as I honoured the priests and my sisters by giving “Aronai” (a special cloth put around the neck) which is very special for my culture in the state of Assam. My own sister and cousins were present for the ceremony in our own traditional dress which also doubled my joy. One moment I   saw my sister enjoying looking at how much I am loved and prepared by the sisters, priests and friends, it made me think of my own parents. They could have also been very happy to see how much I am loved by my religious sisters and people of God. So I became emotional at that moment with joyful heart. Even though my parents were not able to attend the ceremony, I could feel the warmth of their blessings.

In order to prepare myself to commit fully and totally to God I had a chance to be alone with the Lord through a retreat guided by Fr. Patras Kujur SJ in Papal Seminary, Pune. His reflections and accompaniment helped me to enter into this great event of my life. It was really a time for me to discover myself and God and how close I am to God. I have discovered that God loves me so much and I too love him with all my heart so he has chosen me as his servant to work in his vineyard. I felt I am ready to commit myself after having prepared very well spiritually.’’