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''The Lord has done marvels. His love is everlasting''

' eventFriday, 08 December 2023

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This is the gratitude that inhabits us after so many blessings from the Lord in the Province of Rwanda-Chad.

The announcement of the temporary profession of the 4 Novices was greeted with joy and elation but also with concern about how this will be achieved given the lockdown and preventive measures against Covid 19.

Despite the uncertainty provoked by the pandemic, the Novitiate set about preparing for this day of grace. In fact, four Sisters and two Novices were preparing for the four who were going to make their vows: the tasks were well distributed, ensuring that the future professed Sisters would have the atmosphere that would make them enter into the joy of the nuptials, especially since they spent the eight days of retreat in the community. We also made sure that our “queens” were surrounded by gestures full of that vigilant, affectionate and efficient solicitude that real mothers, real sisters know how to lavish...  

The day before we joyfully welcomed the news that, thanks to a medical transfer for Butare of two Sisters, the Provincial, accompanying them, would be able to join us for this event. Four Sisters arrived and their presence made the whole celebration livelier. 

The prayer vigil was enriched by the testimonies of the future professed Sisters who introduced us all to the thanksgiving to God Who accompanied each one in her sacred history.

On the day of the nuptials, February 9, anniversary of the Beatification of our Mother, St. Marie Eugenie, the beautiful ceremony, during which each of our four Sisters pronounced her vows and offered herself to the Lord with the help of a symbol at the offertory, reflected the seriousness with which it had been prepared beforehand.    

In his homily, the celebrant, Bishop Gahizi, reminded us that a religious consecration ceremony even if only celebrated in the intimacy of our community and without many people or large presentations, highlights the essence and brings us back to the source.

"It is God who leads everything", the word written on the cake, was the topic in all the exchanges we had after the Eucharistic celebration. The newly professed recognized the God Who guides their lives and thanked all those who have collaborated in this work of God.  Words of thanks and encouragement followed, interspersed with dances and songs to the rhythm of the drums. The small community did it all: we had become both Marthas and Marys. We thanked our Sisters who responded favourably to the Lord's call and all who supported us with their prayers.

The wonders of God continued in the Novitiate Community where, the following day, we attended a session on the Church. What discoveries!!! From the newly baptized to the Pope, Vicar of Christ, everyone has his place, his rights and his duties in the Church. This materialized in a pilgrimage that the Community made to the Major Seminaries of Theology (Nyakibanda) and Propaedeutics (Nyumba).