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The synodal experience during CGP Transmission in the province of India

T eventMonday, 26 September 2022

I would like to share my experience about our province assembly which took place in the month of May 2022. I believe that the province assembly was indeed a great joy and hope to each one of us. Every sister in the province waited for this moment to experience togetherness, communion and renewal. The province assembly gave us great joy with the presence of Sr. Rekha with us. Though she was present with us for a short time but she encouraged and enlightened us. She challenged us with her sweet words to make our province a “home of love” for all. The CGP transmission which was given by Sr. Smitha our provincial was a wonderful moment for all of us. It helped us to understand the various activities and life of the other provinces of our congregation and also the challenges and the calls they face. Through these sharing we became more aware of the spirituality and the mission of our congregation. The CGP of this year invites all of us, to make our communities “a home of love, a home of prayer, a home of service and a witnessing community”.

 As the Church observes synodality, in various levels such as in the dioceses, in the parishes, in the families and in the religious communities to experience communion and to participate in the mission of the church more effectively. The input session given by Father Robert on the theme of the synodality has enlightened us. As this is an important aspect for our congregation the province of India has asked each sister to live this in our life and mission. The theme communion, participation and mission invites us to walk together towards new ways of understanding of our RA mission with greater participation in the mission of the Church.

 The time we spent together during the province assembly was indeed a great time of joy and communion to enter into the new horizon of our mission of the province. It was a call to walk together with all the people whom we encounter in our journey.  When we live all these aspects genuinely we will surely experience newness in our life and we can build our communities “which are open and welcoming, where the spirit of synodality becomes a way of life.”

Sr. Nijora