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While praying in front of an apple tree

W eventWednesday, 08 December 2021

While praying in front of an apple tree laden with new fruit, which, at this time, would be the second harvest and yet no less abundant, I gave thanks to God for these 25 years of being in the consecrated life.

I thank God for so much life shared in every community and village where I have been, for so many blessings that make God's promise to Abraham echo in me: “I will bless you and you will be a blessing!” And then, grateful silence inhabits me... and the butterfly, that speaks of transformation, flutters among the flowers that express beauty and fullness.

A time of the Spirit that inspires and recreates. A new chapter opens before me, a path and a horizon, accompanied by my Community and Congregation, by my family.

This video is a brief presentation of what we experienced during the celebration.

I count on your prayers for me that I may always be a woman for God who gives herself each day "out of love" and thus witness to the mystery of the Incarnation by my life.



Silvia María Oseguera Navarro