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World Teachers' Day

W eventWednesday, 27 September 2023

World Teachers' Day as experienced at the Collège Polyvalent Assomption de Bafoussam on 5 October 2021

On the fifth day of October 2021, the Collège Polyvalent Assomption de Bafoussam (CPA) experienced an afternoon rich in sound and colour. Indeed, on the 5th of October, all the attention of the international community is focused on teachers in favour of their world day celebrated every year on this date. At the CPA all the staff marked this day with a white stone.

In a visibly lively communion, staff and learners spent moments of exchange, joy and sharing. The large courtyard of building A was the setting for the open-air ceremonies. Despite the rain that invited itself to the party for a few minutes, it did not dampen the ardour of all those present and resolutely committed.

We then witnessed in turn three great moments of this celebration.

First of all, an opening prayer to thank the Lord for his accompaniment during the exercise of the exciting mission that is that of the teacher. Then, the Reverend Sr. Principal, Delphine BARMI took the floor to wish the teachers a happy feast and to encourage them for what they do on a daily basis for the good image of the school and for the dedicated training they offer to Cameroonians who have chosen the CPA. The departments of English and Physical and Sports Education (PSE) kept all the participants spellbound during the conference they presented under the theme of the day: "Teachers at the heart of the revival of education". Starting from the definition of the concepts and the genesis of World Teachers' Day (WTD), the panellists made an analysis of education and the relationship between teachers and learners. It is clear that beyond the function of the teacher, the learner must see his or her supervisor as a parent and educator, an accomplice and a companion. The drifts observed today in the school environment are sometimes the consequence of either poor supervision or the unwillingness of learners to comply with the teaching and training they receive. This year's theme puts the teacher at the heart of education to invite him/her to revive the fundamentals of education so that young people are always trained in ethics and social well-being.

The second highlight of the day was marked by an unparalleled communion, notably by the performance of dances to the rhythmic steps of the teachers, to the great pleasure and applause of the learners. The latter in turn, through a small group, showed particular attention through the comical staging of the behaviour of some teachers in classroom situations. At 3.20 pm, the learners returned to their respective homes, joyful and full of comments, after having discovered the festive side of their different teachers.

Gathered in a classroom transformed for the occasion into a party room, the teachers, after a photo session, spent great moments of communion among themselves and around the Sr Principal while sharing a hearty meal and performing dance steps in a very talented way. This very festive side of the day, which took place only among all the staff, constituted the third special moment of the celebration which had difficulty in coming to an end.


Bafoussam 5th October 2021

Ange Gabriel NGONDO and Marcelline DJUIKOUO