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Auteuil 19th of June of 2020 - Return to our sources to nurture and make life circulate

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We are 10 sisters of 7 nationalities and from 3 different continents who, about four weeks ago, began this journey of returning to the sources of our being Religious of the Assumption in a challenging and uncertain global context but full of life-giving and hopeful gestures. Throughout these four weeks entered more deeply into the study of the three pillars that permeate our lives: prayer, community, and mission. In this adventure of immersing ourselves in the inheritance received, we were helped by the documents of the Congregation and the shared testimony of our Sisters. For us, it was the opportunity to renew, nourish and bring to maturity our YES for life at the service of the Kingdom in our world today.

Back to the sources of our prayer life

Sister Benedicte inspired us very much by talking to us about prayer based on her experience of more than 50 years in the Assumption, linking her life history to the texts of Saint Marie Eugenie, the Bible, Pope Francis and some other Saints of the Church. We remember that prayer is a return of humankind to God because it is not we who seek God, but it is He who calls us and awaits us. Prayer is a face to face encounter with God, a dialogue where we bring our lives, those of our brothers and sisters, and our reality.

Prayer occupies an important part of our lives because we are "adorers and zealous for the rights of God", as St. Marie Eugenie says well in many of her Chapter Instructions. We have different moments of prayer during the day: personal prayer, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Eucharist. Our life of prayer leads us to have a contemplative and positive view of the world and the events of the day. It is prayer that encourages us to live together and give of our best in the mission, "it makes us contemplatives in action".

Back to the sources of our community life

We were accompanied by our Sister Marthe, a member of the General Council, for this reflection. In her talk she quoted from the chapter of our Rule of Life, emphasizing that Community Life is a gift from God and that it is around Him that we meet and renew ourselves every day in our love as Sisters. Each of us was able to express simply what our different community experiences have given us while expressing the joy of living together. Being aware of our frailties and strengths we feel called to "encourage each other on the way to build international, intercultural and intergenerational communities, because the love of the One who unites us is stronger than what separates us."

Back to the sources of our apostolic life

Sr. Marthe reminded us that we were founded on the basis of a desire to transform society through the Gospel and that this is the end of our educational action. Our whole life is a mission, the first mission of which is to love Jesus Christ, and it is that love that inspires us to give our lives for the Kingdom, bringing the Good News.

We were able to share our mission experiences from the lights, shadows, and challenges of today's world. Thanks to this sharing we note that we are sent by the community with the mission that the Church has entrusted to us: "dedicate our whole lives to making Jesus Christ known and loved and thus extend his Kingdom."

Returning to the sources of our being and acting as Religious of the Assumption is a source of joy and thanksgiving for the heritage we have received from our older Sisters, for their fidelity and dedication to God's project. For us, young Sisters who are preparing for the ultimate surrender, it is also a call to unify these three dimensions of our lives, knowing that they are of great importance to our lives, for it is thanks to our listening to God in prayer that we can build authentic relationships in community and be a witness of communion in the midst of the world around us.

Andreia Marques Barbosa, Brazil – South Atlantic ProvinceIngrid Pojoy, Guatemala – Central America and Cuba