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Editorial #Assumpta n º7

E eventFriday, 08 December 2023

“The Assumption charism in West Africa is to be artisans of a more humane, more just, and more united African society.”


The Assumption charism in West Africa is to be artisans of a more humane, more just, and more united African society. This is the path it is forging!

The Assumption charism in West Africa is thriving and remains a blessing for all those who live it and benefit from it.

Indeed, this gift of God to the Church, through Saint Marie-Eugénie, has been an ongoing reality since 1958 when our first sisters set foot on the West African continent. The new generations are pursuing this ideal received from Marie Eugénie by working to restore mankind’s full dignity as a child of God, starting from the mystery of the incarnation of God in our lives. Indeed, each person is unique and called to become what God wanted them to be and to fulfil his mission on Earth, within their own sphere. Making Jesus Christ known and loved through transformative education is what we live and do through our charism. In all our schools, health institutions, and parish commitments, this passion for people and God is a blessing. Indeed, young people and their families, as well as all those involved in education, live through Jesus Christ, the values of faith, truth, openness, and righteousness. The intent is to transform their living environment and thus the African society at large.

In our educational mission, we continually aim at transformation by taking into account all the spiritual, affective, intellectual, moral, and even physical dimensions of the people, to awaken in them the desire to assume their own experience and to engage with passion in their environment. It also concerns the issue of transmitting belief, putting down roots which, sooner or later, will bear fruit according to the wishes of our Holy Mother, Marie-Eugénie.

The current context in which we live today is notably marked by questions related to security and health, as well as to social networks which create multiple perimeters. This requires more of our attention and passion to pass on the values of the Gospel. Our educational action focuses, of course, on young people, but also on their families and all those who collaborate with us. The aim is for the values of fraternity, social cohesion, and inter-religious dialogue to become a palpable reality.

Speaking of inter-religious dialogue, we are often in contact with a large number of Muslim families who appreciate our charism and who have a strong quest for spirituality and a solid attachment to the religious dimension in our educational institutions. They feel quite close to the values we uphold in our transformative education, especially the education of young girls. This is encouraging for us and the society of tomorrow. It is crucial because our young people learn tolerance and are convinced that we can live together, sharing the same values.


SISTER Marie Madeleine Agonou

Head of communications for the Province of West Africa


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