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Father François Picard and Mother Isabelle de Clermont-Tonnerre in Auteuil

F eventMonday, 25 September 2023

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On December 27, 2019, we lived in Auteuil an important event for the Assumption Family. After years of negotiations with religious and civil authorities, our sisters, the Orantes de l’Assomption, received permission to move the remains of their Founders, Father François Picard and Mother Isabelle de Clermont-Tonnerre, from their house in Bonnelles to the garden of Auteuil, our mother house. This was the culmination of a long process that began in 2014 with the request of the Orantes to our General Council and the positive reception of this request by the CGP that same year.The celebration was simple but moving, profound and fraternal. The whole family was represented by members of each of the Congregations : the four Superiors General of the Orantes, the Oblates, the Little Sisters and the Religious, an Assistant General of the Assumptionists, Father Thierry and a good number of sisters from the five Congregations as well as lay people close to the charism and spirituality of our family.During the celebration, the Provincial of the Assumptionists of Europe, Father Benoît Bigard, invited us to be witnesses of reconciliation and communion as an essential element of our vocation. In a certain way, the celebration we lived was already a witness of welcome and communion : the Assumption family is united by very close bonds of mutual aid and spiritual relationship among its Founders. Beyond misunderstandings and human difficulties, this is what remains for eternity.