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Province of Central America and Cuba: perpetual vows of Ingrid and temporary vows of Ilma

P eventThursday, 29 February 2024

Ingrid's Perpetual Vows

My name is Ingrid Azucena Pojoy Yocuté, I am 32 years old, I am Guatemalan. On 19 September, my perpetual profession ceremony took place, that is to say that, thanks to God's mercy, I confirmed my lifelong commitment as a Religious of the Assumption. This desire to be all of God comes in a concrete context, that of the Covid 19 Pandemic.

It seems contradictory that in this context of uncertainty and where we have become more aware of our fragility as humanity, there are people who make a lifelong commitment. However, I believe very strongly that confirming my desire to contribute my whole life to God's project says more about God's way of acting than my own. Why? Because it means that God is passionate about humanity and also counts on our fragility to realise his project of love. It is from this certainty that today I continue to walk and with the desire to say to God: Count on me!



Ilma's Temporary Vows

My name is Ilma del Carme Jirón Duarte. I am forty years old.

I am Nicaraguan.

What did it mean to you to make your first vows in the context of the pandemic?

Making my vows in times of pandemic has a meaning of the presence and closeness of the living God in our history, so difficult and painful for many families who have lost their loved ones.

It meant renewing life in an act of faith and responsibility centred on Jesus. It has a very great meaning for our people and families, as I give myself to God with love and freedom, peace, serenity, offering him my whole being, my will, and willing myself to walk directed and guided by him and his will, that the kingdom may come to all. May we awaken the search to know and love him, where it seems that faith is obscured, that God is absent.

It is a sign of good news, of transmitting a message of hope, of faith, of prayer, of seeking to focus only on him, and that our life is in his hands and we do not let go until he takes it, we do not give up, nor do we fear fear, we resist and face with strength, confidence, and responsibility this pandemic that threatens, snatches freedom, despairs of being locked up, but we fight to protect, defend and renew lives.