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Benediction of the novitiate in Kinshasa, Province of Central Africa

B eventThursday, 28 September 2023

Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo blesses the novitiate of the Religious of the Assumption in the outskirts of Kinshasa

The Archbishop of Kinshasa is happy to have a new religious congregation established in the eastern region of the city of Kinshasa. On Friday 10 March, Cardinal Fridolin Ambongo blessed the chapel of the novitiate for Central Africa of the Religious of the Assumption, a congregation of educators and adorers founded in the nineteenth century in France by Saint Marie-Eugénie de Jésus.The new novitiate was opened not far from the cemetery of Kinkole and the military domain of Kibomango, on the sub-parish of St. Hubert served by the Oblate missionaries of Mary Immaculate.

The novice mistress, Sister Françoise Kenmogne, recalls the words of Cardinal Ambongo: "The cardinal was very happy to see us here in Kinshasa, in Kibomango in particular. He has always wanted the consecrated women to go to the evangelisation guard, to the peripheries. He also asked us to make our community a place of prayer and a powerful symbol of the manifestation of God's love.

And among the eight novices present, novice sister Gladys Kenmogne followed the Archbishop's homily well: "There is no novitiate without novices. And we, novices, are therefore obliged to live concretely the demands of religious life that are transmitted to us on a daily basis." JBMK/RV